Morse code is a character codification system that let the operators to send messages using electrical signals which can be represented as short and long signals or, in others words, as dots and dashes.

In the next link you can download an application programmed in Excel for learning the Morse Code.

Download Morse Code Application

This spreadsheet shows you one letter of the alphabet and you have to input the dots and dashes code for that character. For entering que code you must use mouse buttons on a label. Click left button to introduce a dot and click right button to introduce a dash. The app will tell you if the code entered is right or not.

Screenshot of
Morse Code Application Screenshot

You can use this Excel spreadsheet for learning Morse Code though you can use it to learn programming in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You can study the code of the spreadsheet and the way they respond to events. In addition you can learn about the way of choosing the random letter that will be shown in the main sheet.

If you are interested in the programming process of this spreadsheet, you can check the next YouTube video (in spanish, although you can activate subtitles and the automatic translation)

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